How to Order-Mattress Guarantees

How To Order

1. Through our call center
You can place your order by phone at +302310 22.40.49, Monday-Friday (09:00 - 21:00) & Saturday (09:00 - 21:00).

2. By e-mail
You can send your order 24 hours by e-mail to with the following: 1) Product, 2) Dimensions, 3) Name, 4) Address, 5) Telephone and a qualified seller will contact directly with you for details, clarifications and delivery time.

3. In the store
You can visit us and try out all our products and place your order immediately at our Paster 17 store, Center - Thessaloniki.

4. Advance payment
An advance deposit is required to place an order with a bank account or e-banking portion of the total value, which is determined by the type of order. The company reserves the right to require the prepayment of the entire value of the order. Any deposit costs shall be borne by the depositor.

5. Shipment of products

Delivery of the products takes place anywhere within the Greek territory during business days and shipping costs are charged to the customer.

The payment is made before sending the order.

6. Order Cancellation: Only accepted before shipment * via our website, by telephone or e-mail. After the client has validated his order by depositing money, he has the right to cancel his order only within the same day. If the cancellation is made after the shipment commences, you will incur the shipping costs. If you have deposited the amount in a bank account or have paid by credit card, you will need to contact us after your order has been canceled to provide us with your bank account details so that the amount can be refunded, minus the bank charges . Your refund will be made within 30 days.

* Refunds on products such as foam, pillows & mattresses are not refundable and any deposit may be lost.

For any information or clarification regarding your Online Order, you can call us at +302310 22.40.49 on business days and hours, and a representative of our company will guide you step by step.

Mattress Guarantees

The mattress guarantees provided by D. TZAVELAS & SONS OE. is provided subject to proper use of the mattress and is covered by any manufacturing errors and material failure.

The company guarantees complete repair for the remaining warranty period as well as the technical inspection of the mattress. Replacement with a new layer is not possible.

In case of misuse, the cost of repair and transportation is borne by the client and after consultation with D. Tzavelas & Sons OE. In the event of a manufacturing error or material failure, the buyer and the final consumer are not responsible for the repair and shipment.

The guarantee is valid from the date of production on the mattress and the issue of the purchase document.


When the operating instructions are not applied.

When stained or torn, any surface of the mattress.

When the mattress is placed improperly and with difficulty in the bed without a gap of 1-2 cm in length and width.

When the base, bed or substrate has protrusions due to poor quality.

When the mattress is larger than the base of the bed or substrate.

When deformed during transport.

Improper cleaners have been wet or used.

If the mattress becomes dirty or damaged during transportation, D. TZAVELAS & SONS is not responsible.

In case softness or hardness does not meet the buyer's needs, return of the mattress is not accepted.

For the above reason D. TZAVELAS & SONS OE recommends to try the mattress before buying.

Right use

Once a quarter, remove your mattress in the sun to ventilate it well. If you can't get it out, you can ventilate it daily for 30 minutes with windows open. This helps to remove moisture, especially during winter, which is also a major cause of mattress odor.

Turn it every quarter up and down and back, the pillow top layers only front and back.

Do not bend the mattress as there is a risk of deformation and destruction.

Do not use as a "trampoline" by children.

Keep it dry. Wash the sheets at high temperatures and iron them well to eliminate the various microorganisms and place them dry over the mattress.

Orthopedic bases with dense blades, 4 CM springs should be used for proper support of the mattress.

On single surfaces e.g. chipboard, there is a risk of materials being damaged due to poor ventilation of the materials.

Do not iron on the mattress.

Protect it from liquids and clean it locally only with special cleaners.

For overweight seek special construction with many narrow dense springs. The so-called mini-Bonell.

Always use a cover to protect the mattress for a long life.

The mattress when (it has a gap of 1-2 cm laterally and longitudinally. It is the only way to expand without being deformed by the side surfaces. straight surface.

Due to the nature of the materials (pads, foam, latex, etc.) the mattress is likely to have a thickness of up to 10% from the first use.


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* IMPORTANT NOTE: If a bank deposit or online payment is selected, it is advisable to place it in the same bank as the account holding bank (eg if you choose Alpha Bank, from Alpha Bank to Alpha) in order not to incur additional charges. Bank and not from Piraeus Bank to Alpha Bank etc). The above are indicated in order to avoid being charged with remittance charges, which are entirely incurred if you choose a bank other than the one in which you hold an account.